What It Takes to Engineer an Epic Experience

What It Takes to Engineer an Epic Experience

What It Takes to Engineer an Epic Experience

This past week, in celebration of women’s history month with Bumble Bizz, I had the pleasure of experiencing my new favorite restaurant and floral shop Machine Engineered Dining & Drink in Wicker Park. Girlfriends joined me for the absolute cutest “Flower Hour” where we tried large format cocktails and built our own floral bouquets.

Credit: Andre Jamar Photography

As I walked inside of Machine, I was immediately intrigued by the beautifully branded floral restaurant concept. After ordering the “Breaking Brulee” crafty cocktail and the shared “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” drink bowl, I became a loyal fan. Machine sealed the deal with our floral activity in which we hand-picked the stems for our own take-home bouquets. I instinctively knew there had to be a special ideology that oiled this intricate and unique machine.

The General Manager, Jay Speiss, came by our table to explain that the name Machine represented the collaborative team effort which was essentially the engine behind the operation – from the florist to the chef, from the greeter to the bus boy – each individual was absolutely necessary to make the machine run efficiently. And, to provide a seamless memorable experience that their guests would love and enjoy.

“No job should be too big or too small if you do it with integrity and hardwork.”

Jay shared the realities of launching a new concept and shared his engineered mindset that no job is too big or too small. “Someone has to do it and if I happen to be the team member who was present that day. It’s my job.” This reminded me that although positions are necessary to pinpoint our functions within teams, our roles do not define our importance. Each person on a team is important and is essential to making the machine run smoothly. As a seasoned business owner, I’ve learned that teams strengthen when individuals feel like they actually matter. They should feel like they actually matter because they do matter. It’s our job to emphasize that.

Outside of the obvious truth that all entrepreneurs must wear many hats in the humble beginnings of its existence, the awareness and dismissal of the ego is what builds the foundation of an impeccable team. A team running a well-oiled machine takes a balance of individual accountability and a shared interest to reach a common goal.

As community marketing manager at Bumble Chicago, this mindset resonates within our culture. Bumble provided the book, “Feminist Fight Club: an Office Survival Manual” and Bumble bomber jackets which definitely got us in the team spirit. The evening ended with each woman sharing how they could be supported individually within their creative endeavors. Together, we can continue to build machines that has the potential to produce so much greatness… emphasis on TOGETHER! Like they say, team work makes the dream work.



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